Will I get a job in Canada?

As I approach the 6th anniversary of launching my career consulting coaching for newcomers, CoachRod, I feel the opportunity is right to address the number 1 question of anyone who is considering immigration to Canada.

Will I land a job in Canada? Will I land a job that aligns with my career expectations, history, academic and professional credentials and experiences I have attained over my career?
What is it about ‘Canadian Experience’? What is it about being ‘over-qualified’?


Well, each case is singular and particular. And as such, there is, nor there should not be a ‘cookie-cutter’ answer to all these questions above. With that said, I want to share with my readers a matrix I have developed and implemented in CoachRod’s practice this year and one that has delivered significant value to my clients.

The Employability Assessment Score.
Developed after analyzing many, many clients profiles, success and unfortunate stories, I have designed an assessment criterium that, in 97% of the cases, has empowered my clients to objectively know and be better prepared to launch or enhance their careers in Canada.

Conducted in 45 minutes, with pre-requirements being an updated resume, this 1:1 assessment interview will consider three angles and provide you with a 0-10 employability score. Clients that have scored in the 8 or above range have (97%) successfully launched their careers in Canada. #gotajob

Those who scored lower, are now fully aware of their ‘blind spots’ and working towards enhancing their appeal to their targeted employers and desired regions in Canada.
One of my favorite quotes is this one from Arthur Ashe, and it goes something like this:
‘One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.’

Are you ready? Reach out to CoachRod and discover about your employability score. Remember, don’t trust fate, make your fortune with reliable information and research. #maketheplan #worktheplan #talktoacoach

*photo credit – @SMProfit (twitter) 

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Empowering people makes me go. Seeing people improve, and achieve their career goals is my mission - don't underestimate your skills, nor overestimate them. Be prepared and make every interaction count. Learn about CoachRod - and take control of your career. www.coachrod.ca

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