Target Markets list – how to?

We all know that conducting a job search or career move is hard and can be overwhelming. One of the most common reasons for not achieving one’s goal is not having a clear strategy and focus. To mitigate that I encourage my coachees to create a ‘target markets‘ list. Having such a list of your top employers of choice will help you with your research and staying focused while also keeping your eyes on the prize (aka the desired job). BullsEye_300_290-180x180
Here are three quick tips to help you get your list ready:
1. Assess who the dominant and fastest growing players in your industry are;
2. Know your strengths and review the top lists from places like GWP and Best Employers in Canada, find the synergies;
3. Review your existing, current and former, professional network. Vendors, business partners, and clients that you have interacted with could be potential employers and align with your values and needs.

Not sure how to create your own ‘target markets’ list? Reach out to CoachRod and learn more about our strategies to achieve career success.

Also, check this LinkedIn article to add to my top 3 tips above.


Rodrigo Porto | CoachRod

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