Thank you, the lost art of a follow-up note…

Hi Everyone,

Today’s brief blog post is about follow-ups and thank you notes. I have closely observed my clients over the last 6 months and have come to one, sad conclusion. A thank you and follow-up email or card is a lost art in today’s busy, and social media world. #thankyou

The most common feedback I have received from employers and my business contacts during these last six months is how very few people follow up with an email, either thanking one’s time during a job interview or following up on a recent informational interview and that professional’s time. According to my research, close to 90% of these interviewees do not follow-up, 90%!!!. The reasons are beyond comprehension, and from what I was able to gather simply come down to a lack of organization skills and professionalism. Guess what – the most common answer I received from those that did not follow-up was a mere ‘I forgot’ or ‘I was too busy and forgot’.

This is unacceptable and in today’s ‘1 degree of separation’ job market, Not sending a professional follow-up email note is as close to one can get to committing network suicide. With that in mind, here are my key tips to help you to avoid this common mistake and show up well before your contacts and professional network:

Follow-up thank you note after a job interview

  • In case you are interviewing for a job that requires superior client or BD skills – make sure to send your thank you note within 24 hours. It will show your potential future employer that you will value their clients as well and that you ‘get it’.
  • If it is not a BD/Client focused role – plan for the next 24-48 hours.
    • Include: reminder of a key moment during the job interview with a re-impression of your interest for the role and the value you would bring. Important – not more than 100 words. Close by thanking them and offering to provide any other required information or clarification as necessary.

Follow-up thank you note after an informational interview:

  • Send your email (or handwritten card) within 48 hours.
    • Include: A genuine thank you for the person’s time and insights shared during that 1:1. In case the conversation included a discussion around hobbies and activities in common, make your note more personable by mentioning one of those that will remind your contact that you share similar interests/ activities. Also offer to help, and make yourself available to return the kind gift of time that person’s granted you. Important – not more than 150 words.

Let me know your thoughts and comments. If you have a question – reach out to CoachRod via email @

Thank you!



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