Job Interviews are… Fun!

Yes – Job Interviews can be…. Fun!

These past couple of weeks have been a great roller-coaster for me. very busy times between my role as a Manager, MBA Careers at the Sauder School of Business-UBC and my career coaching consulting CoachRod. And a couple of weeks ago, after 2.5 years in my current role coaching hundreds of MBA students I raised my hand for a portfolio change. Luckily enough, change was happening within my business unit at the Sauder School of Business and an opportunity opened up. A new role had just been created for an Assoc. Director, MBA Careers to provide leadership and strategic direction to ensure the success of employer recruitment and career development programs for MBA students, full-time and part-time.

Long story short, wrote a cover letter, updated my resume and applied for the job. Waited, and then.
Secured the first interview. Time to get prepped.
Here’s where the fun starts. And let me know if, after you read the next paragraphs won’t you agree that job interviews can be fun after all?

  • An opportunity to revisit our successes (yes – we all have them);Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meeting
  • Learn more about other people’s backgrounds and career paths (do your research);
  • Connect the dots – between your experience, your strengths, vision, and even your weaknesses (story tell);
  • Ask questions – question the status quo (turn it into a working meeting).

Yes, I know. There could be external factors that bring more pressure to an interview. Finances, family, plus many others. For now, put those aside and roll with my career coach and interviewee perspective. It will help you. And let these be friendly reminders to not let the pressing external issues influence how you approach interviews. After all, I get nervous too – but following this approach has helped me take charge and control my nerves. Did it help me succeed? Read till the end…

Job Interviews should be learning platforms to catapult your success, enhance your self-awareness and allow you to make powerful connections with other people.
Trust me, at the end of the day, it’s all about making strong people connections, telling great stories, with facts and a structured approach. Well, aren’t those are all fun? #owntheroom #jobinterviews #smile

Thanks for reading – and yes, I did get the job.
Start this Monday, November 2nd – 2015 now as the new Assoc. Director, MBA Careers at the Business Career Centre, Sauder School of Business-UBC. Looking forward to engaging with you with your comments, on Facebook or through CoachRod.

Happy Halloween!


Rodrigo Porto

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