7 Golden Rules for Cover-Letters by CoachRod

One of the most common requests I get from my coachees is about cover-letters. What to write, how to write, and so on.

So find below my 7 Golden Rules for them – Happy Reading! 

1. It’s not you, it’s them. Bear in mind that a job opening is a business problem for any organization. Make sure your first paragraph shows how much you understand this and know about their needs. #putyourselfintheirshoes

2. Connect the dots. Now after you have shown them how much you know and understand the company’s needs it is now time to connect those needs to your experience and skill-set. Interpret their key needs and match with key accomplishments from your tool-box. #whymecl1

3. Less is More. An effective cover letter does not look like a ‘wall of words. Make sure yours does not fit into this category as I can assure you people will not read it. Plan for four paragraphs, and don’t hesitate from using a couple of bullets to replace a chunk of text. Highlight what’s vital! #writesmart

4. Don’t get cute. Avoid slangs, and gimmicks to attract attention. Be professional – keep your letter polished, professional and visually appealing. #beprofessional

5. Get Personal. Prove how much you want this job by addressing the cover letter to the proper person. Do your research, pick up the phone, and find who that person is. As that may be what they expect of you. At least do not address your letter to ‘hiring manager’ or ‘sir or madam’, simply don’t! And whenever possible, drop in the name of a common connection, make sure to ask them first. #referrals #champions

6. Strategies pay-off.

If you did your homework, by the time a job opening comes up you should have a couple of connections into that company to explore. Perhaps as a touch-base to gain new insights, or even to serve as champions! Plan ahead, be strategic and know your target markets! #networking #earnyourchampions

7. Flawless. 

It still amazes me that in today’s day and age over 20-30% of job applications go to the garbage bin because of errors. All sorts of errors. Wrong name, wrong company name, formating, different fonts (and sizes), and of course – spelling and grammar. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, this is the one occasion in which you have to be perfect! #reviewyourletter #perfection

Want to know more about winning career strategies? Contact CoachRod and take control of your job-search. Stay tuned to a new webinar coming up: Cover Letter Strategies, and follow CoachRod on Facebook for updates! 

Good Luck and write smart!

Rodrigo Porto

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Empowering people makes me go. Seeing people improve, and achieve their career goals is my mission - don't underestimate your skills, nor overestimate them. Be prepared and make every interaction count. Learn about CoachRod - and take control of your career. www.coachrod.ca

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