7 Golden Rules for Job Interviews by CoachRod

1. Know your value proposition Remember, if you have an interview – they already think you can do the job!!! I mean it! So connect the dots between your experience and skill-set to their needs and close the sale!! Do it in an engaging way, concise and to the point. The key here is to leave them wanting to know more. #tellmeaboutyourself

2. Engage Nothing annoys any recruiter or hiring manager more than a robocop interviewee. Remember an interview is 70% about fit. Use people’s names, be strategic about your body language – lean in when necessary, emphasize key points with your hands and make eye contact – and most importantly – show appreciation and understanding about their needs. #helpmehireyou

3. Story Telling Yes – this is important. Super Important! Remember we hire for fit and hire for skills as well. So any recruiter/hiring manager wants to see EVIDENCE of what you have done and most likely will also do for them! So use a framework – give details, and do it in a compelling way. #CAR #itsallaboutyourstories

4. Research I am still surprise (and annoyed/disappointed) with the number of interviews that end up going nowhere because of a lack of preparation from the candidates. How can you struggle with questions like: ‘What do you know about us? | Which product interests you the most? What do you know about our CEO?’ and last but not least – ‘Why do you want to work for us?’. Remember – in today’s era – The Era of Concepts and Ideas – we want to see candidates making use of the information and going above and beyond to showcase how much they want to join a team/company. The only way to do that – is to show your knowledge about the company and their needs. #research #showmeyouwanttoworkhere Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meeting

5. Never, NEVER Bad mouth your previous employer/colleagues – show negativity… Don’t go there… 9 out of 10 times it will backfire… Also do not share confidential information, ever period. #dontshootyourfoot

6. Ask GOOD questions My advice to all clients is to turn this opportunity into a working discussion/meeting one. Do not ask questions about on-boarding process, mentors, support, benefits – DON’T! Ask questions that allow for feedback on your performance, skills – and even about any reservations on your resume. Time to be assertive and show how much you want the job! #bebold #wantthejob

7. It’s all about peeps So very often forgotten…. Jobs are about people. Companies are nothing without people… we are SOCIAL BEINGS… So smile, and make a human connection! You would all be overwhelmed with the amount of feedback I receive from employers about candidates who did not smile nor appeared ‘human’ enough in an interview. #domockinterviews #asmileopensdoors

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