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Know yourself, know your target markets, promote yourself! Accept learnings, but don’t approach the job market from a position of inferiority! In my view and CoachRod’s mission is be humble…. the right way.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to be a panel speaker at The BC Immigrant Professionals Conference. Being a part of these events allow me to share my experiences and motivate new immigrants and that inspires me. That’s when I hear time and time again from fellow speakers and even immigrant counselors that immigrants have to be humble, take their time, after all it’s okay to reset their careers. Well – I beg to differ.

And once again, as in several other events I had a feeling my advice was going against the tide and telling my fellow immigrants exactly the opposite:

It is not okay to reset your career!

What I propose and the mission of CoachRod is to empower others to take control of their careers and make their own luck, by learning always, but never feeling their experience is less important than anybody’s.

This is my mission: To empower newcomers to achieve success by approaching everything they do with drive, preparation, research and a strategic mindset.

But before this gets too controversial please allow me to go on record and say that it is okay to be humble and take every opportunity to learn. This is what makes us humans and pushes us forward.

What is not okay is to approach the job market from a perspective of inferiority as that will definitely put you in a tough spot – and that’s what’s NOT okay about being humble in your job search in Canada.

So avoid these pitfalls by strategically marketing your brand, knowing your target markets – and if then, only then you feel you have to go back to your Plan B or even C – that’s okay – but not because you did not put up a fight.

Ask CoachRod about how to better prepare yourself for the Canadian Job Market – either in loco or remotely. Be prepared and create your own success path.

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Empowering people makes me go. Seeing people improve, and achieve their career goals is my mission - don't underestimate your skills, nor overestimate them. Be prepared and make every interaction count. Learn about CoachRod - and take control of your career.

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