Networking? Info-Interviewing? Como fazer isso no Canadá?

Afinal – o que é networking e coffee chats no Canadá?

Networking, informational interview – how to go about?

These are a few of the most common questions I get asked from clients – regardless of where they are from originally. But hardly ever anyone takes the time to explain what that means, and how someone who’s new to the country should go about? Is networking = a business card hunt? The more business cards I get, the more successful I’ll be? Definitely not. It’s all about rapport, and building relationships!

The most common mistake job seekers make is to seek for the short cut, the transactional networking, the express order; and that – i am glad to say it will not work. After all – why should it? Do I know you?

Remember – business decisions are made by people. Hiring decisions are made by people – and more and more companies are looking for the right fit, values, and that strong alignment that works both ways. So that’s what networking and informational interviews are all about – building relationships, developing trust and finding champions who will be great ambassadors of your most valuable product:
Your Brand.

So don’t focus on how many people nor business cards you meet/collect. Focus on having 1-2 solid conversations every week, and really committing and dedicating yourself to building those into solid relationships. That’ll work – I guarantee!


Here’s 5 rules that’ll help you to create rapport:

#1: Remember people’s names;
#2: Ask questions about spelling, pronunciation, or the meaning of names;
#3: Balance the asking and the telling;
#4: Look for things in common;
#5: Listen, truly listen.

If you’re interested in learning more about networking and info-interviewing best practices, ask CoachRod.

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Empowering people makes me go. Seeing people improve, and achieve their career goals is my mission - don't underestimate your skills, nor overestimate them. Be prepared and make every interaction count. Learn about CoachRod - and take control of your career.

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