Canada – A 1-degree of separation job market

Hi Everyone and Happy Halloween!!!

Well – Canada is a very small job market, and depending the industry and location, you may be looking at less than 2,000 people working in your industry of choice therefore getting connected and understanding that all interactions matter is KEY!

The most frequent question I get from all CoachRod’s clients is about networking. What it is and how does someone go about it?

Well, let me start by saying I wish there was a simple answer to it – hell, there is not.
My initial response has 3 questions:
Q1 – Which location do you have in mind?
Q2 – Which industry and companies are in your wish list?
Q3 – What is it about people that excites you?

The first 2 questions I are not hard to figure it out, eh? Since you’re planning on setting yourself up for success those are pretty basic to-do’s to get you started. So get to it!

Question #3 is the one I often get eyebrows raising and foreheads frowning at me… Usually my advisees respond to that by saying; ‘What do you mean?’

If that’s the question I get from you too, then I have struck a point. Networking isn’t about finding a job. Networking is about being interested in people and what makes them tick, and building long-lasting relationships.

The most successful relocation and job search candidates understand what this entails and re-focus their approach to leverage what makes us all unique…
…We are social beings!

Your Smile


So, next time you are going to a networking event, or contacting someone via LinkedIn; stop and analyze your ask.

Are you genuinely interested in the human being or are you reaching out because of the person’s job title and company?

If you are, trust me – chances are you are not going to build a relationship, you are looking for a sale. And let’s face it, in today’s world, even closing a sale is all about relationship building, right?

Well – I guess that’s it for now. Let me know your thoughts, and drop your comments below.

*Want to know more about the intricacies of networking, about Networking Strategies.

RP – CoachRod
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