Result Oriented? Goals? Are you?

Hello Everyone,

Hope life’s treating everyone out there well – and you have all enjoyed a gorgeous time during summer. Now that it is (summer) officially over – it seems this is the perfect time to reflect on a few things. Today’s topic is Goals!

My rationale for choosing this topic this time is the fact that, with the exception of the words passionate and creative, result-oriented is the 3rd most common attribute I see on resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles everywhere – and I often ask myself – are those all goal oriented people? Wow! 🙂

Recently listening to a podcast, what I heard really got me thinking and it very much resonated with me. As someone who believes hard work pays off, I heard that Life is supposed to be a struggle  – and that if we are cruising through life – chances are we are not improving as professionals, family members, and even human beings. Gotta say – I couldn’t agree more! That’s my new motto – “life’s supposed to be a struggle, a positive struggle – a struggle that pushes us to challenge ourselves and set goals that force us to become better every single day!

Let’s bring goals into a career context now. As the year comes to a close, how about taking time to reflect on where your career stands – and how much more you could be doing – now set a plan, and move every single day towards it. Here’s my suggestion:



Be Specific – write your goal down – and keep yourself accountable by making it visible!

Measurable – consider setting check points along the way – it will help you measure your progress.

Achievable – make sure you’re being realistic and most importantly, taking one step at a time – always moving forward!

Relevant – This one’s key! Your goal must be relevant – and by that I mean it should make you feel better, look better, be a better person, professional, better prepared, and human.

Time-bound – This goes hand-in-hand with being achievable – set your time, plan accordingly and allow for steady, consistent progress.

Career related goals start from within. Start with goals that will have a positive impact and will make you feel optimistic! How about setting goals around being a healthier person, meeting more people, or reading more? Goals simple as these will definitely contribute to professional success. Know why? Because they will impact your well-being – and trust me – being there, done that. 🙂

So here’s my contribution to helping you prepare to set your next SMART Goal. I hope it motivates you or maybe even inspires you to push hard towards achieving your goal. Here it is:

3Years difference



Dropped 50lbs, and rode the Whistler Gran Fondo! Now planning a new goal for 2015! And definitely feeling more confident to say I am a result-oriented person in my personal life, and my career.

So are you goal/result oriented? What is your greatest goal achieved this year? Let me know – I’d love to hear your success story!

And what’s your next one? A new SMART goal? What would make you even more confident and satisfied with yourself in 2015? Remember, Life should be a struggle and not a cruise-control ride. Push yourself!



See you in the next post! All the best!

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