Why launch CoachRod

Coming from a family of teachers – I have always been involved in coaching and teaching others. My career started very early – at the age of 15 – when I was invited to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to junior groups back in the most prestigious school in my hometown, and ever since teaching and developing others has been a constant in my life.
At the age of 18 I started a business – a boutique ESL school in the finance hub of Sao Paulo and that’s when my training and development career took off. Over the course of 20+ years I have hired, trained and developed over 1,500 professionals – from all walks of life – and most importantly – building lifelong learning relationships.
Prior to landing in beautiful Vancouver, I was recruited to manage, develop and implement a T&D Strategy for Samsung for all Latin American offices – as I so often describe – this was the final stepping stone in my career development to launch my career coaching practice.
After landing and launching my career successfully in Canada (2011) – I started getting requests from all over the world – from already landed newcomers to Canada, aspiring immigrants, and even already established professionals – to hear and learn from my experience, advice, and perspectives. It was in one of these casual interactions that it hit me – why not launch a coaching practice focused on assisting and empowering newcomers with their careers?
That’s when I decided to found CoachRod – in January 2012 with the goal of ensuring every single immigrant is prepared and aware of the intricate steps of how to make a geographical career move, as well as having the inside scoop – from someone who’s done it – of how to conduct a successful job search.
Initially with 3 career packages – Pre-Arrival, Landed, & Career Enhance – as well as individual services on demand – CoachRod focuses on developing your career management skills to perfection.
A few other services also include:
Career Lectures to ESL Schools, Immigration Consultation, Salary Negotiation Strategies, Interview Preparation, Target Market & Companies Identification, Networking Strategies, Unique Value Discovery, among others.
Do not hesitate – contact CoachRod for a coffee chat and take control of your career.

About CoachRod's Blog

Empowering people makes me go. Seeing people improve, and achieve their career goals is my mission - don't underestimate your skills, nor overestimate them. Be prepared and make every interaction count. Learn about CoachRod - and take control of your career. www.coachrod.ca

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